I’ll give you another example of a screwed up American Society!

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I graduated high school in 1972 and was hit with a draft number of 7 due to the
Vietnam war. The unfortunate thing (for me) was that I REALLY wanted to be a
hippy of those days! I had NO INTEREST in killing anyone for ANY reason at the
time. Now my father was a WWII and Korean war wanna be in the worst kinda way.
Unfortunately 2 broken eardrums prevented him from becoming the fighter pilot
killer that he was dying to become! Now the other unfortunate thing for me was
that my father believed that No. 1 son WILL become what father says he will
become and like it. His father caught WWI and he believed that it waws MY job to
continue the heritage like it or not! WHY? Well my own beliefs by then wouldn’t
let me run to Canada like SO MANY had done before me. I really felt that if I
wanted to enjoy the best country in the world that there WERE dues to pay. I
REALLY wanted to be a hippy though with 4 girlfriends in a commune to make love
to, with the best weed and MUNCHY problem ever and NO cares to worry
bout!  RIGHT! The draft number brought me back to
reality and the realization that I could end up in the jungle makin love to my
M-16 everyday. The other deal my father had was an appointment to the USAF
Academy with a minimum 10 yr commitment. The choices really sucked. So I thought
I’d be a smartass and beat ALL of them and enlist in the USAF. A 4 yr commitment
and get out with everyone being happy, RIGHT? errrrt! I volunteered for Vietnam
anyway, did my part and came back! Cool, I survived that one. The only problem
was our society didn’t want me. “You went to Vietnam you baby killer”! It seems
that I just couldn’t win. Well to make a long story shorter, I actually got out
of the USAF after 6 and worked government aircraft for a total of 33 yrs. So it
ALL worked out after all! The point I’m tryin to make is that we don’t have to
be cattle and follow todays wasted society. Societies priorities are emphasizing
the wrong values. As a human race are we worried about whether there will be a
planet or a human race in the future? Let’s make as much money as we can and
screw everything else. Let’s kill others in the name of money, let’s destroy our
only home in the universe, but I’m rich. etc…….Is the human race devolving
or evolving??


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