I have an interesting statistic I learned about several years ago!

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Some time ago I lived about midway between Baltimore and Philadelphia. I was
watching an Info channel and it told me that there were 300 murders in Baltimore
that year and 320 in Philadelphia. So just by those stats alone there were at
least 600 people (or more) within 100 mi of me that had no problem taking a
life! Now I don’t know about you, but civilized people don’t take another human
life except in the defense of their life! It’s unthinkable to a REAL human
being. What a WASTE of life! So what’s going on here? Is the human race THAT
lost that MONEY is more important than a life? I
understand that there are MANY reasons for peoples in
our society not to have money, But I also have a problem with people who have enough
money to equal a small countries total budget! Should there be a provision
in the U.S. Constitution that says NO one can make more than the President of
the U.S.? He gets 440,000$ per year and if you CAN’T live on that there is
SOMETHING wrong. Other examples of our societies stupidity were Appalachia, the
Ghettos next to the US Capital and many, many more! Being greedy solves nothing.
You can’t take it with you! Just think if the entire human race refocused (yeah
right) on preserving the only home WE have (the Earth) and how precious life is,
just what WE as a RACE could accomplish! HMMMM that’s
REAL scarey!


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