Just where is America’s reality these days?

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but I have to just shake my head in
wonder and amazment sometimes. The human race, at least OUR part of it, appears
to be de-volving rather tham evolving. Crimes and our reaction to them seems to
really be lost in the sympathetic side of reality! People commit crimes,
especially ones that kill or maime and all our society does is look for LAME
excuses for the criminal. OH, his childhood is to blame for his actions, his
mother didn’t breast feed him as an infant, his mother had problems, his father
beat him as a child etc…. What happened to the fact that he really does know
right from wrong? An example of one of my punishments are, since the criminal
justice system doesn’t even try to REHABILITATE the criminal, to let a family
member get a little TELEVISED revenge. The killer didn’t create just a dead
victim, thye rest of the dead persons family are ALSO victims!. They have to
live with the fact that their parent or relative is GONE for no good reason. The
pain is excruciating! How about for absolutely proven criminals who commit
murder we let 1 family member break a bone once a month and televise it! How
about we, as a society, make a big thing out of it and show criminals what pain
that they are going to experience as a result of their crime? Each family member
break one bone every month and let him experience the pain. Don’t forget to
televise it as well, Would the crime rate drop? Would there be LESS crying in
our society? I believe that ALL the bleeding hearts in America need to pull
their heads out and come back to earth for awhile! Would criminals wake up on
THAT one? That’s not to say that our own society isn’t lost in the “Who’s
talking about who” concerns most (I hate to say it) women are really worried
about and “Don’t I look great today?” (when in REALITY “big is NOT beautiful I
don’t care what you say) is SUPER stupid. Oh she died so young, But BIG is so
beautiful, that’s crap and we all know it but don’t dare say it. I
live in reality and have few friends because of it.
I don’t care
what people think and will probably live a long time warching the Aholes of the
world die off!! Just a thought!


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