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 The United States has the mightiest capabilities in the world! We have CONSTRUCTION BATTALIONS in our arsenal that can build anything at a moments notice! We have so many helicopters and transport systems in place that can deploy at a moments notice! We can park ships offshore that could temporarily house HUNDREDS! All the homes that were destroyed could have fema trailers on site while the rebuilding commences! The sites where these homes were already have most of the necessary hook-ups available! We can airdrop tons of supplies at a moments to anywhere in the world!

  So can someone tell me where our leaders heads are? We can go help other countries that way, But U.S. citizens count less than a 3rd world country? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE??


I have a suggestion for FEMA regarding the areas devastated and that need a total rebuild. Since by now all insurance issues should have been resolved, why not bulldoze each area. The sewer, water and elctrical hookups are already there then why not clear the lots quickly and put FEMA trailers there yesterday? or Position them in such a way as to allow rebuilding as well as supply a place for the people to stay? This could have been done at least a week ago, Or some kinda plan like that! Makes alot more sense than to rinky dink around like they have been doing! They need to get their act together!!

I know the original concept of the United Nations but, I have to say that it really accomplishes NOTHING! We support a major portion of the UN but, it is only a facad of countries who don’t want war to end! So many little dictators with tiny manhoods use it as a shield. If the UN functioned as it was intended there would be NO dictators or HUMAN BEINGS dying for nothing but to keep these fools rich! WHY? Is the human race that corrupt that personal greed takes command over ALL? How many people have to suffer and die before a revolution around the world fires and eliminates ALL of these A’holes? What is the human race waiting for? Let’s ALL get pissed off enough to eliminate them and their evil ways. Why should people in 2012 live in sewage ditches anywhere in the world? Could you imagine what accomplishments could be done if the entire world got along? Let’s worry about our only home in the solar system before either we kill off the human race or destroy our only home! An alien race would think us a nasty virus and eliminate us so our stupid ways don’t infect the universe! It’s not inconcievable! Sre a total revolution would cost lives but that’s better than total annihlation!

Hmm, Hmm- Can someone tell me how people with mental issues can buy weapons and
accessories legally? In reference to the latest rounds of NUTS killing people?
It so happens I have neighbors with documented mental issues and they were
allowed to legally buy themselves handguns! Now do I need to install bullet
proofing in my floor to protect myself and my wife? We, as a society, wonder
what is wrong with the people who take life on a mental whim! Well, Why do WE
allow them to get their hands on these killing tools? I think every effort needs
to be made to change the system to disallow people with mental issues from ever
getting their hands on GUNS! I think also that the person (relative or not) who
didn’t secure their weapons to prevent theft should be held accountable as well.
If they couldn’t get their hands on weapons in ANY shape or form these needless
deaths wouldn’t have happened! I also love the Call made by the nut in Colorados
mother who told authorities she believes that they had the RIGHT person! Has she
been charged with knowingly not reporting her son’s condition or attitude as a
possible hazard? Did she contribute to the deaths in Colorado? Kids who stole
parents guns did the killing in Columbine! Did authorities charge the parents
for not securing weapons which contributed to murders? Hell no. It’s ALL TEARS
for the ones we lost, but how dare we do anything about it!!!

Yeah, I realized today that  I need an ASSAULT rifle just so my ego feels better! Absolutely. The weapons
were designed with nothing else but maximum killing power of many people in
mind. I AM a veteran of Vietnam and just can not understand the reasoning behind
some JERKS need an assualt rifle. Personal protection does NOT mean maximum
firepower with the intention of killing as many people as I can. Is OUR
society THAT ignorant? It’s bad enough people can get weapons even though they
have mental issues (see my previous post), but why give the other nuts the power
to use a weapon with a Banana clip (22 rounds) when it is NOT a requirement to
prove you have B****! Our society is so F’d up and all they do is cry and whine
about the things these people do. Yes it’s true that people kill people, but why
do we let THEM have the tools to do it? Yes I also understand the RIGHT to bear
arms, but weren’t the founding fathers talking about protecting the Union in a
time when the Continental army couldn’t do it? Today, a hunting rifle (or
shotgun) and a personal protection firearm (pistol) may be ALL that’s required.
Let’s also tie in absolute medical  qualifications, no mental illness topping
the list. Serious JAIL time for ANYONE who let’s their weapon out of their
control at ANY time! Is our Society that stupid?

I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but I have to just shake my head in
wonder and amazment sometimes. The human race, at least OUR part of it, appears
to be de-volving rather tham evolving. Crimes and our reaction to them seems to
really be lost in the sympathetic side of reality! People commit crimes,
especially ones that kill or maime and all our society does is look for LAME
excuses for the criminal. OH, his childhood is to blame for his actions, his
mother didn’t breast feed him as an infant, his mother had problems, his father
beat him as a child etc…. What happened to the fact that he really does know
right from wrong? An example of one of my punishments are, since the criminal
justice system doesn’t even try to REHABILITATE the criminal, to let a family
member get a little TELEVISED revenge. The killer didn’t create just a dead
victim, thye rest of the dead persons family are ALSO victims!. They have to
live with the fact that their parent or relative is GONE for no good reason. The
pain is excruciating! How about for absolutely proven criminals who commit
murder we let 1 family member break a bone once a month and televise it! How
about we, as a society, make a big thing out of it and show criminals what pain
that they are going to experience as a result of their crime? Each family member
break one bone every month and let him experience the pain. Don’t forget to
televise it as well, Would the crime rate drop? Would there be LESS crying in
our society? I believe that ALL the bleeding hearts in America need to pull
their heads out and come back to earth for awhile! Would criminals wake up on
THAT one? That’s not to say that our own society isn’t lost in the “Who’s
talking about who” concerns most (I hate to say it) women are really worried
about and “Don’t I look great today?” (when in REALITY “big is NOT beautiful I
don’t care what you say) is SUPER stupid. Oh she died so young, But BIG is so
beautiful, that’s crap and we all know it but don’t dare say it. I
live in reality and have few friends because of it.
I don’t care
what people think and will probably live a long time warching the Aholes of the
world die off!! Just a thought!

I graduated high school in 1972 and was hit with a draft number of 7 due to the
Vietnam war. The unfortunate thing (for me) was that I REALLY wanted to be a
hippy of those days! I had NO INTEREST in killing anyone for ANY reason at the
time. Now my father was a WWII and Korean war wanna be in the worst kinda way.
Unfortunately 2 broken eardrums prevented him from becoming the fighter pilot
killer that he was dying to become! Now the other unfortunate thing for me was
that my father believed that No. 1 son WILL become what father says he will
become and like it. His father caught WWI and he believed that it waws MY job to
continue the heritage like it or not! WHY? Well my own beliefs by then wouldn’t
let me run to Canada like SO MANY had done before me. I really felt that if I
wanted to enjoy the best country in the world that there WERE dues to pay. I
REALLY wanted to be a hippy though with 4 girlfriends in a commune to make love
to, with the best weed and MUNCHY problem ever and NO cares to worry
bout!  RIGHT! The draft number brought me back to
reality and the realization that I could end up in the jungle makin love to my
M-16 everyday. The other deal my father had was an appointment to the USAF
Academy with a minimum 10 yr commitment. The choices really sucked. So I thought
I’d be a smartass and beat ALL of them and enlist in the USAF. A 4 yr commitment
and get out with everyone being happy, RIGHT? errrrt! I volunteered for Vietnam
anyway, did my part and came back! Cool, I survived that one. The only problem
was our society didn’t want me. “You went to Vietnam you baby killer”! It seems
that I just couldn’t win. Well to make a long story shorter, I actually got out
of the USAF after 6 and worked government aircraft for a total of 33 yrs. So it
ALL worked out after all! The point I’m tryin to make is that we don’t have to
be cattle and follow todays wasted society. Societies priorities are emphasizing
the wrong values. As a human race are we worried about whether there will be a
planet or a human race in the future? Let’s make as much money as we can and
screw everything else. Let’s kill others in the name of money, let’s destroy our
only home in the universe, but I’m rich. etc…….Is the human race devolving
or evolving??