DAMN is someone finally going to be held responsible for their ineptness in securing their firearm?

Posted: October 25, 2013 in American Government, American Society, Gun Ownership, Judicial System, Justice System

I heard recently that this elementary school kid that blew a teacher away “might” have stolen the gun? REALLY? It took another life lost to wake someone up! When do we hold weapon owners responsible for the deaths caused by their stolen weapons? Don’t try to tell me it wasn’t the gun owners fault either. A gun is a tool that has no other purpose but to kill! If you own a weapon you should be held accountable for leaving your weapon in a location where it can be stolen. If it wasn’t for the gunowners stupidity another death would not have happened! Don’t try to throw the blame on the person who stole it! The gun owner allowed it to happen. Let’s take the owner to court and dish out punishment on them. Take their gun permit away, send them to jail for involuntary manslaughter at the very least. Should the victims family file a wrongful death lawsuit so the owners pay out the ass? At the very least confiscate their weapons and permits. Never let them near another gun. Don’t cry constitutional rights when the owner was too stupid to be responsible for their weapons! I know another case in Pa. where the gun owner was cleaning his gun and shot his step-daughter in the face! TAKE his gun priviledges cause he is obviously too stupid to be responsible. Put him on trial for being stupid! What is wrong with this picture people!


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