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First let me tell you that you can read this news story by clicking the wnep link that I reblogged it from. This is a very disturbing story to me. Can someone tell me what possible reason our “GOD” would allow this to happen to a totally innocent child who never had a chance to live her life? God could have easily stopped this from happening RIGHT? What could this father possibly accomplished by killing each other? What kind of BS is this? “If I can’t have my daughter then no one can?” The thing that really gets me is that our “GOD” allowed it happen! I always hear that it will all become clear after I meet the almighty! REALLY? What possible excuse could our “GOD” have for allowing this to happen? Could it actually be possible that there is NO “GOD” afterall? Is “GOD” just a belief created by man because we are scared to die? We will all die one day whether we like it or not. Then to go along with all of this the Catholic church is one of the worst offenders in creating sacrilidge in the name of “GOD”. They chose what books would be in the bible! What gave them that right if all of those “books” were inspired by “GOD”?


 How about a woman who lies about being in the twin towers when they came down just for sympathy? Maybe a woman who drowns her kids in a car because she is not happy about her life? And the list goes on and on. This is not to say that there may also be some men over the years that do the same s*** but, the overwhelming majority of reports seem to indicate that It’s a woman issue! What is up with this? DON’T TELL ME TO FEEL SORRY FOR THEM EITHER!  I recently really became aware of this issue when it sorta struck close to home. My wife has had a terrible time dealing with with 4th stage Cervical cancer over the past 3 1/2 yrs and it came to my attention that a person she knows actually shaved her head and lied about having Cancer. I have been taking care of my wife all this time and I know what it can do to you! Why would someone lie about it? I can tell you this I refuse to let this person back into our lives after this revelation. Did she do it because she didn’t feel loved so she made it an attention getter? A good man gives a woman whatever she wants so he can enjoy her as well. Men put them on pedestals just so it can go to their heads and seemingly get away with whatever they want? Women don’t seem to have a problem creating havoc in men’s lives just because they are women and they know they will be back selling their souls for that toy of theirs. I personally think that their is an overwhelming majority of sick women out there that are willing to do this. I know that I can’t trust someone like this and have eliminated them from my life because they can’t be trusted. It’s no wonder that men are shying away from relationships with women and turning gay! It’s not worth putting up with women’s drama!!